New Book Coming Soon

I am very excited to announce that my newest photo book, The Edge of Knowing is nearing publication. It will be published by Kehrer Verlag this fall and debut at this year's Paris Photo. The book is a collaboration between myself and my husband, Ian Webster, who wrote the text and created custom illustrations. 

The Kickstarter presale was a success and got fully funded! Thank you to all the backers!!!

Those still interested in pre-ordering have the opportunity to purchase a special limited-edition "director's cut" version of the book, which features pages hand-cut by us, as well as a selection of limited edition prints, from the BOOKS section of my website.


The Edge of Knowing is the culmination of a year-long journey from Antarctica to the Arctic; a journey undertaken with the goal of understanding the places that from the vantage point of the United States, are often simply thought of as being beyond "America."

This collection of photographs and essays redefines the American conceit of an idealistic, utopian dream as a pan-American vision that is shared across the furthest extremes of the continents. Too often political borders represent the limits of curiosity and imagination. The Edge of Knowing takes us beyond the boundaries that traditionally define national identity. The results are an exploration of places both foreign and familiar. All share the unique physical characteristics that shape the landscape of the Americas, and the rich indigenous imprint of the pre-Columbian world.

Greenpeace Photo Award 2018

I am very excited to announce that my project UPROOTED has been selected as one of the seven projects competing for this year's Greenpeace Photo Award.

Early this year Greenpeace Switzerland, together with Geo Magazine, nominated 20 photographers from all over the world to write a project proposal that would explore the environmental issues we are facing today. From those 20 projects, seven were selected and we were asked to do a 3-minute video piece describing the project that would be shared with the public.

The projects compete for two awards: the jury award and the public award. And for this I’d like to ask for your help = Please Vote for me! It's simple and quick, no need to register or open an account. You just need to input the name and email address and then confirm when Greenpeace sends you the confirmation email. Thank you all for your support!


American Structures

Robert Klein Gallery

September 8 - October 28, 2018


A survey of work by seven photographers who've created a portrait of America through its architecture.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Magda Biernat, Jeff Brouws, Jim Dow, Karen Halverson, Henry Horenstein, Stefanie Klavens, and John Woolf.


PDN article


January 17, 2018


Magda Biernat photographed a Skidmore, Owings & Merrill building at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. SOM tends to build long-term relationships with photographers “because there is a learning curve with every new photographer,” says SOM photo coordinator Lucas Blair Simpson.


Adrift wins Director's Choice Award




Juror: Louise Clements

Artisitc Director, QUAD & FORMAT International Photography Festival


"Magda Biernat's award winning series Adrift is concerned with the changes in the Polar ice, focused on the Arctic and Antarctic. In both of these environments the culture, land, architectire and geography is changing rapidly. By combining stunning images that study icebergs and Eskimo hunting structures she draws our attention to the effects of climate change and its impact on cultural identity"


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