Fathom Line

Fathom Line is a series of color photographs featuring the contiguous oceanic systems that separate the continents yet connect the world as conveyor belts of climate. In this body of work, I use a consistent horizon line as a visual metaphor for interconnectivity, a reference to sea level, and a way to challenge our perceptions of the oceans as static entities rather than interdependent climatic engines.

Sailors use fathom lines to navigate shallow channels and ports, a kind of reverse topography marking not only water depth but also, gradually now and more dramatically in the future, its rise. But drawing boundaries in the ocean has historic rather than bathymetric boundaries. Our arbitrary demarcations have no say in the movement of currents, heat exchange, or storm generation; they will certainly have no say when the actions of one nation changes the

climate of another. If our current coastline is fathom line zero, we must contemplate what the future holds should it become another measurement of undersea depths.


Fathom Lines is a continuation of my fascination with the ocean and the sea. By overlaying images of different bodies of water, and by depicting a relative calm and evenness of the sea and sky, I hope to help correct the misconception that the ocean is a combination of disconnected bodies. And by creating balanced, symmetrical compositions, I emphasize the horizon line as the only boundary which remains relevant, hinting at an increasingly conscious desire for the ocean levels to stay in balance.



The Edge of Knowing

Culmination of a year's journey from Antarctica to the Arctic, a journey with the goal of understanding the places that are often simply thought of as being beyond the borders of what the United States colloquially calls 'America’.


Polar comparison of Antarctic icebergs and empty Iñupiat Eskimo hunting huts, whose shapes and volumes echo one another, offering a commentary on the parallel effects of global climate change at opposite ends of the Earth.

Towards The Reborn Sun

A typology of the ancient Aymara funeral towers originally built for nobles and their families. Found across the Altiplano in Peru and Bolivia, all of the chullpas have small openings facing east, towards the rising sun.