Alley of the Honored

Cemeteries hold a unique place in Catholic countries as repositories for more than just physical remains. The gravestone becomes something of an avatar for the departed, a chalice for the soul, and as such is tended to with care. In the Junikowo Cemetery in Poznan, The Alley of the Honored (Aleja Zasluzonych) is a long strait pathway that is lined with tombs of some of Poland's great leaders, thinkers, artists and scholars. They are for the most part overgrown.

Small shrubbery once planted to create a verdant frame have reverted to the wild and now fight with weeds for sunlight. And what of these headstones, these chalices. If the graves are no longer cleared and candles no longer lit, does memory still hold these souls in place? Who inherits memory? The series Alley of the Honored is a metaphor for memory loss, for the cultural drift that finds us parted from tradition and separated from our connections to family, country, personal and patriotic history.




The world's cultures may be very different, but when seen through a consistent lens in terms of simple geometry, the complexities of cultural variation fall away. Here I turn my camera onto the ordinary details of everyday life.

Where You End and I Begin

An exploreration of physical and spiritual borders and the difficulty of crossing both. Inspired by my personal situation of living between two cultures, the work questions the transformative quality of moving away while looking back.

6,654 kilometers / 4,135 miles

Three-channel video installation focusing on borders and the bridging of distances. A ritualistic mixing of water from the place of my birth with the water from the place I currently reside in as a metaphor for my own hybrid identity.