The Other Side

The Other Side is the culmination of a year's journey from Antarctica to the Arctic, a journey with the goal of understanding the places that are often simply thought of as being beyond the borders of what the United States colloquially calls 'America’. 


The Other Side redefines the American conceit of a rugged, idealistic, utopian dream – as a dream that is shared across the furthest extremes of the continents.

Too often, especially in the Americas, political borders represent the limits of curiosity and imagination – boundary lines that define little more than the edge of knowing. The Other Side takes us beyond the boundaries of the Americas that traditionally define national identity. 


The results are an exploration of places both foreign and familiar that share the unique physical characteristics that define the landscape of the Americas and the shared inheritance of the pre-Colombian world.




Polar comparison of Antarctic icebergs and empty Iñupiat Eskimo hunting huts, whose shapes and volumes echo one another, offering a commentary on the parallel effects of global climate change at opposite ends of the Earth.

Fathom Line

A consistent horizon line is as a visual metaphor for interconnectivity, a reference to sea level, and a way to challenge our perceptions of the oceans as static entities rather than interdependent climatic engines.

Towards The Reborn Sun

A typology of the ancient Aymara funeral towers originally built for nobles and their families. Found across the Altiplano in Peru and Bolivia, all of the chullpas have small openings facing east, towards the rising sun.